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How does a laser work?

Chapter Four offers several ways to enhance your mental capabilities that you can incorporate into your busy day. Turn meetings into focus sessions: Leaders often put meetings on the top of the list of time wasters.

Intuitively they know that meeting about a project or work topic should improve progress and understanding. Chapter Five explains how you can turn everyday meetings into powerful tools of focus and results. Invite a challenge: Laser focus is highly active and thrives on new ideas and healthy curiosity. Chapter Six establishes the value of a challenge and shares several ways leaders can request and receive constructive challenges.

Focus Like a Laser Beam

Huddle: How do the best organizations stay in touch and focused on a daily and hourly basis? Chapter Seven offers the virtues of huddling and shares specific examples for how to make huddles a key part of your managerial practice. Stop multitasking: Laser-focused leaders know that multitasking saps their organization of focus, energy, and productivity.

Chapter Eight explains why multitasking is ineffective and what to do instead. Do one great thing: Many leaders leave the office frustrated that they did not accomplish more during the day. So many distractions get in the way of best intentions. Chapter Nine helps leaders accomplish at least one great thing every day. Let go: As goals, projects, and tasks become obsolete, leaders need to let go and use their energy and resources to focus on Haneberg. Chapter Ten makes the case for letting go of the old and suggests ways to know when it is time to adopt and commit to a new focus. These ten practices can help you do what matters most without requiring you to take on a new management system.

Each chapter offers ways to improve focus that fit nicely into any leadership practice. Focus Like a Laser Beam should appeal to many reading styles. This section will appeal to those readers who prefer scanning for ideas.

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Reflect on some accomplishments that at first seemed impossible, improbable, and out of reach. Perhaps it was a contingency response or a project about which everyone was unusually enthusiastic.

You likely shifted into a mode in which you were engaged, zoomed in, and in constant conversation. Diversions stuck out like a double-breasted suit at a Jimmy Buffet concert.

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A little magic, a splash of luck, and a lot of effort allowed you and your team to cross the victory line. Laser focus taps into the actions and thinking processes that will allow you to recreate this environment without putting your organization into contingency mode or tiring your team. Laser beams are supercharged, efficient, and endlessly useful. Focus Like a Laser Beam draws on these and other properties of lasers to explore a powerful new productivity model.

The techniques and practices are catalysts that complement your daily management and leadership actions. The laser beam model and practices enable you to clarify, crystallize, and energize your direction and effectiveness Haneberg. Most work environments are awash in a jumble of colors, conversations, and stimuli. Leaders who focus like a laser beam have figured out how to create success using energy, cohesion, and intentionality.

Joe Galli was vice president of marketing for the Power Tools Division, and was leading the product development and launch of the DeWalt line of power tools. The new products needed to be innovative and comprehensive, beautiful tools designed to meet most every need on the construction site or in the home. Consumer needs and wants needed to be crystallized into excellent product designs. Products were created in record time and to high standards.

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Whenever I feel overwhelmed because I have taken on too many projects at once, I remember to focus like a laser beam. The environment was highly energized, great dialogue replaced the usual business banter, and distractions were quickly defenestrated. What I discovered is that characteristics of lasers can be applied to improve business focus.

This brought new meaning to focusing like a laser beam! It is a thrill to share these techniques with you.

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Albert Einstein discovered stimulated emission in , but the idea was forgotten for more than thirty years. To create a laser beam, a seed photon is sent down a tube filled with atoms that have been excited by pumping them with electricity or light. When the seed photon passes by an excited atom, the atom emits a photon that is the exact duplicate—a clone—of the first photon and transfers some of its energy in the process. Now there are two photons, which will pass by two more atoms to create two more identical photons.

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  7. All are the same wavelength color and in phase. Soon, countless photons are bouncing back and forth between the Haneberg. The light bounces back and forth between the mirrors until it has enough energy and alignment to escape an optical opening at one end. Back in the workplace, the air is electric.

    Focus Like a Laser Beam: 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most

    It buzzes and bellows a common tune sung by many unique voices. What first resembles a chaotic New York subway station is organized and in control. It is the buzz that fools people. Atoms in a laser are supercharged and stimulated and it is this energy that helps the beam exit the laser cylinder straight, narrow, and strong. In business, energy offers the same benefits for individuals, teams, and organizations.

    Energy and excitement are the fuels for focus. Laser-focused leaders know how to create the right energy. The workplace contains tension that enables creativity and keeps people thinking about how to make their mark on the desired outcomes. The energy that focus creates is productive unless you are the competition.

    The next four chapters share ideas, strategies, and specific techniques you can use to turbo-charge the work environment. Really turbo-charge it. Imagine a space that generates engaged employees excited by their mission, but not in a nearburnout, working-too-hard way. Your employees are simultaneously jazzed and at peace.

    Buzzing and relaxed. Vital and balanced. This excitement is contagious in all the best ways. Managing energy and engagement is an important concern for leaders. When employees are connected to and interested in their work, they can bring more of themselves to it. When you focus like a laser beam you tap into and create energy and excitement that makes the workplace buzz and flow. And you can start doing this today—without making any major announcements or setting up a project team to manage the change. Speeding in heavy fog is foolish. Laser-focused leaders use methods that improve their clarity, thinking, and results.

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    Both individuals and organizations can be focused, and the two are linked. Focused leaders often manage focused groups. Here are six indicators of organizational focus: shared perspective, universally understood drumbeat, relevance of tasks, organization alignment, self-correction, and results.

    It is critical to know whether you are focused and in what ways you or your organization could benefit from improvements. Can both individuals and groups achieve focus? Can you be overwhelmed and focused at the same time? Many of the techniques offered in this book will help you create that kind of intense but momentary focus, but that is not its main purpose.

    Its main purpose is to maximize long-term performance and satisfaction, for which steady and continuous improvement of focus is best.