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She turned and tried to run but she was met by more and more tentacles no matter where she looked. Jasmine held up her bedsheets like a shield, but they were snatched away and in an instant she was being held down by some of the stronger tentacles. They coiled around her wrists and ankles, pinning her to the smooth rounded floor and laying her bare for their brethren. Bred by the Alien Tentacles alien impregnation erotica.

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At the very least it would be accustomed to the different tones of voice that humans used, so it was always worth expressing pleasure, excitement and arousal out loud by way of encouragement. It made a brief chittering noise, then stretched out four tentacles, wrapping them around Jay's torso and legs and lifting him up off the floor and in towards it, before adding more to cradle him firmly but gently in mid-air.

Another reached out to him, running along his torso from his throat directly down to his genitals, then stroking him there. His body responded quickly, his cock rising up, hot and solid. The alien made a sound that seemed appreciative. As he watched, a change came over the front of its body assuming of course that the face side was defined as 'front' and it seemed to unfold somehow, a narrow channel opening up, running from below the 'face' to a similar distance from the base, tapering out to a few inches wide at the centre. The skin there looked softer than elsewhere, and as he recognised the probability that this was where it kept its more sensitive organs, another tentacle extended from there, apparently pushing out from deeper inside.

Rather than the usual tapered end, this one finished in a ring of finger-like structures which wiggled independently. He moaned as the 'fingers' touched his erection, stroking and squeezing it until it was rock-hard and a drop of fluid appeared at the tip. They squeezed and rippled, and he began to thrust his hips to maximise the sensation, prompting the fingers to pulse more rapidly around him in time with his movements, until with a groaning sigh he ejaculated into the enclosing warmth.

As he did so, ripples flowed all the way back along the tentacle to the alien's body in a sequence of waves, before the fingers eased their grip and his now-soft cock slipped out to rest against his thigh. He turned and rubbed against the tentacles that were holding him, saying "Oh that felt good, you know all about humans, huh? A few minutes more and it made sounds Jay interpreted as excitement, then grabbed his cock more confidently than before and worked it until he was hard and needy again, carrying on until he ejaculated with a low cry.

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This time it did not relax its grip, but kept rippling around him until he began to harden again. It took longer this time - even his enthusiastic young body could only manage so much in a short time - but eventually he came into its grip for a third time. When it seemed intent on continuing yet again, he gripped a nearby tentacle to get its attention, then said "Hey, no need to rush, we can take as long as we like". It made a low, reassuring sound, and stroked his face and hair. He smiled and stroked its skin again, thinking it was going to take his advice, but then the fingers around his cock squeezed yet again and he groaned as his body was pushed into reacting for a fourth time.

He shuddered and gasped as he came, achingly wondering how many more times it would want him to do this. Would it carry on until he was emptied out and had nothing left to ejaculate?

Blonde heroine with big tits overpowered by tentacle monster

But to his relief, the grip relaxed and his bruised cock slid out to lie flat on his belly. It stroked his face and body again as he lay there exhausted, the sensation relaxing and soothing him, easing out tired muscles that had tensed with each act. He allowed his eyes to lose focus and simply lay there, breathing heavily for a time. Then it changed its grip on him, tentacles unwrapping and coiling again, until it held each thigh separately, with more coils around his chest and arms. It pulled him towards it, spreading his thighs outwards and bending his legs.

It was a familiar position, and he was not surprised to see a thick protrusion standing at right angles to its torso. It was the same size and shape as an erect human cock. In fact Either this alien had evolved a strangely parallel reproductive organ, or this one had been created just for him It was moist and glistening - already lubricated - and he focussed on relaxing his internal muscles as he was pulled in towards it, guessing that there would be no other preparation.

It positioned him carefully, the tip blunt and hot against his opening, then pulled him slowly onto it.

Ihre Vorteile

He moaned and wriggled, easing himself around the head as best he could before gasping "Just He had taken more, and faster, when the customer wanted it, but it seemed unlikely that this alien had delayed and focussed on his cock for so long if it was impatient to fuck him hard and fast. More likely it was just a little unclear what felt good, and how much his body needed to adjust to penetration.

Once his muscles had opened out around it, he said "Ok, yeah, that's good" and pushed himself deeper onto the shaft with a moan of pleasure.

Reward Yourself

It was a good size, much like his own, big enough to fill and stretch him, but not too much to take with genuine enthusiasm. He idly wondered if it was in fact a copy of his own — the creature had certainly had enough opportunity to get to know his dimensions He began to rock his hips, sliding himself on and off it, gripping the tentacles that held his arms and flexing against those around his thighs, looking at the alien's face for any signs of encouragement to go faster or to slow down.

But it seemed content to let him set the pace, so he continued as he was doing. It had apparently enjoyed what had worked for him earlier, so he kept up a steady speed, enjoying the feelings it triggered inside his passage. After a few more thrusts he frowned.

It felt Longer as well as thicker. A sign of increased arousal perhaps? He shifted position to ease it, and continued the slow thrusts. Wow, it was definitely growing in there.

Alien Porn

He moaned a little, it felt good but He gasped as it swelled still further. He squeezed his hand around one of the tentacles that was supporting him. It's plenty for a little guy like me" He could barely move himself on it now, the girth was stretching his opening wide and the head was far inside him.

The alien chittered at him and tentacles stroked his face and hair while others around him shifted, holding him more tightly so that thrusting was no longer an option anyway. He sighed in relief as both he and the erection stopped moving, then gave a gasping cry as it swelled again, pushing deeper into him and forcing his opening wider around it. No, I can't!

Alien Breeding, Tentacle Monster, and bears OH My!

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